It's a common concern. Homeowners are understandably worried that replacing windows and doors is a dirty, messy and intrusive job that will damage their home and destroy their garden.

Well... don't worry!

Red Deal's windows have been installed in thousands of homes with many many satisfied customers. Of course there will be some disruption but our qualified installers keep it to an absolute minimum. Their professionalism means your existing windows are removed as neatly as possible, reducing damage to surrounding decoration and paintwork.

Once your new windows are firmly secured in position they will then "make good" and finish off the surrounding area with the necessary trims and finishes.

Finally, all our installers are "house trained" to be as neat and tidy as possible, clearing away debris and using dust sheets and carpet protectors to leave everything as you would expect it. With a little co-operation and understanding, replacing your windows and doors needn't difficult or stressful in any way. You can rest assured in perfect confidence of the finished result.