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Posted on August 10, 2020

August 7, 2020

Dear Member,

Following the recent announcement from the government regarding the Green Grant, I am writing to all our members to clarify the position in the which the glazing sector sits within this scheme. As I write this letter, we still await the final details on how the grant will be accessed and how any money will be released but the main system and rules have been finalised, therefore I can offer advice around this detail.

  • There are 27.8 Million homes within the UK only 600 thousand will be eligible
  • A full building survey will need to be conduct by a chartered building technologist who will determine what can be claimed for
  • Any remedial work need on the property must be completed prior to any grant work being carried out (loose slates, cracks in brickwork, removal of air bricks etc.)
  • A Primary measure must be installed to qualify for the voucher. These are;
  • Existing insulation that does not comply with current standards must be replaced. (loft insulation must be at least 270mm thick)
  • Once the primary measures have been completed then you can move to the secondary measures. However, before the secondary measures can be installed all “low hanging fruit” as the government puts it must be replaced

Solid Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation

Under floor insulation

Loft insulation

Air Source heat Pump

Solar thermal


LED Lightbulbs

TRV for radiators

Smart Thermostats

  • Double glazing can be installed under the scheme but only if it is replacing single glazing
  • Doors fitted before 2002 can be installed but only after the primary measures have been completed
  • The vouchers are to improve the energy efficiency of the building not to replace a faded door or upgrading to bi-folds from patios doors etc.
  • The homeowner must pay a percentage. For example, if the installation is £4000, then the homeowner will need to contribute £1320 and the remainder of £2680 can be claimed for

Although this announcement seemed to offer help to the industry and allow homeowners to upgrade their homes the details behind this scheme is still unchanged from the last time, they launched this scheme. The grants are to improve the energy efficiency of old housing stock within the UK with the aim to reduce the CO2 emissions the country emits. The government themselves admit that better insulation gives the best result for the smallest outlay which is why these are the primary measures. And as the government only charge 5% VAT on energy efficient products but glazing is set for 20% VAT you can make your own conclusions as to their view of our sector

Warm regards,

Austin Greene

Managing Director